US Highway System 1925

Report of Joint Board on Interstate Highways October 30, 1925

[Route No.1-50][Route No. 51-100][Route. No. 101-200][Route No. 201-]
201 Route No.201 From Brunswick, Maine, to Augusta, Waterville, Norridgewock, Bingham, the United States-Canada line
210 No.210 From Motley, Minnesota, to Carlton
211 No.211 From New Market, Virginia, to Alexandria
218 No.218 From Austine, Minnesota, to Charles City, Iowa, Cedar Falls, to Route No. 30
220 No.220 From Cody, wyoming, to Denver
230 No.230 From Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to Harrisburg
231 No.230 From Montgomery, Alabama, to Dothan, Marianna, Florida
240 No.240 From Frederick, Maryland, to Washington D.C.
241 No.241 From Hopkinsville, Kentucky, to Springfield, Tennessee, Nashville
250 No.250 From Baldwin, Kansas, to Emporia, Newton, Hutchinson, Dodge City, Garden City
260 No.260 From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to Okemah, Henryetta, Warner
270 No.270 From Asheville, North Carolina, to Murphy, Cleveland, Georgia, Gainesville, Lawrenceville
280 No.280 From Phoenix, Arizona, to Ashfork 
285 No.285 From Raton, New Mexico, to Las Vegas, to Route No.60
301 No.301 From Laurel, Montana, to Deaver, Wyoming, Greybill
311 No.311 From Roanoke, Virginia, to Martinaville, Winston-Salon, North Carolina, High Point, Asheboro, Pinehurst, Aberdeen
320 No.320 From Route No.20 in Oregon to Weiser, Idaho
330 No.330 From Geneva, Illinois, to Chicago
340 No.340 From Manhattan, Kansas, to Junction City, Salina, Russell, Oakley, Cheyenne Wells, Colorado, Limon
341 No.341 From Perry, Georgia, to Hawkinsville, Baxley, Jesup, Brunswick
350 No.350 From Lan Junta, Colorado, to Trinidad
360 No.360 From Amerillo, Texas, to Farwell, Clovis, New Mexico, Boswoll, El Paso
370 No.370 From Socorro, New Mexico, to Caballo, Las Cruces
380 No.380 From Tucson, Arizona, to Nogales
401 No.401 From South Hill, Virginia, to Clarksville, Oxford, North Crolina, Durham, Pittsboro, Sanford
410 No.410 From Aberdeen, Washington (state) , to Olympia, Tacoma, Yakima, Wallula, Walla Walla, lewiston, Idaho
411 No.411 From Bristol, Virginia, to Middlesboro, Kentucky, Corbin
420 No.420 From Umatilla, Oregon, to Walluta, Washington
430 No.430 From Geneva, Illinois, to Elgin, Crystal Lake
441 No.441 From Ocala, Florida, to Orlando
450 No.450 From Route No.50, Utah, to Moab, Monticello, Cortez, Colorado, Durango, Alamosa, Walsenburg
460 No.460 From Los Lunas, New Mexico, to Route No.70
470 No.470 From Milland, New Mexico, to Albuquerque
501 No.501 From Burkeville, Virginia, to Halifax, RRoxboro, North Carolina, Durham
511 No.511 From Bristol, Tennessee, to Junction City, Morristown, Straw Plains
530 No.530 From Granger, Wyoming, to Kemmerer, McCammon, Idaho
550 No.550 From Montrose, Colorado, to Durango
560 No.560 Grom From Gallup, New Mexico, to cortez, Colorado
630 No.630 From Echo, Utah, to Ogden

[Route No.1-50][Route No. 51-100][Route. No. 101-200][Route No. 201-]